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Coetzer Quotes

Prior to 1996 US Open quarterfinal vs. Seles: "I'm really looking forward to the match. I haven't played her since Canada last year. I'm just going to go out and do my best. I still feel like I'm playing some of my best tennis. If she's playing really well, there's not a lot I can do. I'm really going to look for my chances."

On how she approaches Grand Slams: "I don't think I've done well enough in enough Grand Slams to really have my own philosophy over something like that. You know, I'm battling to get past the first week. For me, right now, it's just look at each match as one individual match and just try to play my best for that match. I can't really pace myself through a Grand Slam.

On her upset over Anke Huber in the 1996 US Open: "I think with a player like that, she's a top player, when she gets agitated like that with herself . . . a lot of times players like that can pull themselves together. I don't expect them to really fall apart after that. You know, you just stay cautious. I never expected her to break down. I expected her to compete all the time."

On her experience at her first Olympics, 1992 Barcelona: "I had played at big tennis tournaments, but I wasn't prepared for being around so many athletes who are so good at what they do."

On looking forward to the 1996 Olympics: "Winning a medal will make any South African a national hero."

On how she might deal with Brenda Schultz's powerful serve in the 1996 IGA Tennis Classic final: "I might come out in a helmet."

About her first victory over a Top 3 player, 1992 vs. Gabriela Sabatini in Boca Raton: "After the win over Sabatini, I had more confidence, which brings more success. I wasn't exactly sure if I was just lucky, but I knew I felt good. What really helped my confidence was that at the very next tournament I got to the quarterfinals at Lipton."

Prior to representing South Africa in the 1992 Olympics: "I'm very, very excited. But I'm still a little unsure. We were never allowed to watch the Olympics on TV, so it's very new to me. But I'm sure it will be very special."

On why she never played the Australian Open until 1993: "It's just after Christmas and it's summer at home. It's a very nice time to be with my family. It's hard to get ready for tournaments at that time."

On the French Open: "I love Paris. I like the atmosphere there, although it is hard to concentrate. It's very noisy. All the big tournaments are hectic."

On how she makes up for her small size: "You see people get bigger and bigger and the game has gotten more powerful, but you just have to compensate by moving better and things like that. You constantly have to remind yourself to move. Michael Chang is very clever and moves very well and uses that to compensate for his lack of size."